Just after bear tamer – Juste après dresseuse d’ours

Just before being a doctor, I wanted to be a bear tamer.

That’s how long ago.

That’s funny, I can accurately remember the exact day I decided on my future career.

I was somewhere between 6 and 8, and I had an epiphany one morning in the bathroom.

Hard wake-up. Completely blinded by the light, I realized that by closing one eye, and only one eye, I was not blinded any more.

And that was it, the epiphany.

It was not my eye, my eye as an organ which was blinded, it was, somewhere behind it, the sum of my two eyes. I was not blinded in my eye, I was blinded in the sum of my eyes. My eyes summed up, they crossed over somewhere behind, inside my head, and there was the blinded point.


Realizing one morning at 7 years old that your eyes cross over inside your head is rather a shock. I had to sort this out, I had to be a neurosurgeon.

Screw my yet ever so promising bear tamer career.

Then I learnt that you could learn what’s going on inside someone’s head without doing surgery, so I decided I wanted to be a neurologist.

Then I learnt that no one exactly knows how everything works inside someone’s head, and I decided I wanted to be a doctor.

Then, after a long time, after some not so good hospital experiences, I had the chance to meet two family physicians, who did an incredible job, and who had an incredible passion for it. And, new revelation, I decided I wanted to be a family physician.

No regrets so far.

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