About Jaddo

This blog is the translation in english of a french blog, “Juste après dresseuse d’ours”.

The author is Jaddo, a young family physician, who currently work as locum tenens for two doctors, Dr Cherry and Dr Carrot, somewhere in France. She started her blog in 2007 and has never stopped writing since. The blog became a book, published in october 2011, and re-published this year 2013 as paperback. For some reason it was officially translated in german but not in english, and it just couldn’t remain that way. Here we go!

What does “Just after Dwesseuse D’Ouws” mean? It’s a funny (I hope so) translation of “Just après dresseuse d’ours” in french, which properly translated means “just after bear tamer”. The w’s instead or r’s are a friendly tribute to this french impossible-to-pronounce consonant.

You probably realized all by yourselves that Jaddo is actually the acronym of Juste Après Dresseuse D’Ours. If not: voilà.

The translations are provided by Gélule (@Sous_la_blouse), a fellow family physician and blogger. These are no professional translations, and most probably contain many mistakes (and a lot of strong language). Well, excuse our french 😉

Last but nos least: contact address is english.jaddo(@)gmail(.)com.


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