Fa-mi-ly me-di-cine

– So what’s your job?
– I’m a doctor.
– AaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHH!!?? woooaaahh that’s SO coooool!!!! Which specialty?
– Family medicine.
– Oh.

– No, no, I mean, family doc, that’s great. Really, great, suits you just fine…. But what about pediatrics? Have you considered pediatrics?

– So what’s your specialty?
– Family medicine.
– Oh. Six years, is it?
– No, it’s nine years.
– Oh. But residency is after six years, right?
– Correct, but afterwards we have a three year family medicine residency program.
– No kidding? Well I thought only specialists get to do that.

– I’m so sorry to bother you with this but I couldn’t get an appointment with my ob/gyn before three weeks, for a pill prescription, and I won’t have enough…

– So how do you like your pediatrics rotation so far?
– Well it’s nice…
– I mean, if you could choose a specialty what would you do?
– I’ve already chosen, I’m in family medicine.
– Nah but I mean, I know that you can’t choose any more. But if you still could, what would you do?
– Weeell, I’d do family medicine.
– But what if you could choose a SPE-CIAL-TY?

– Our pediatrician is not available today, and I have an appointment in a week for his shots, but now he’s been having fever for a day. So I was wondering, well…. Are you allowed to see children?

– So are you going to do your rotation at this family physician friend of yours?
– I don’t think so. But you know, it’s actually better that way, I think that I would have been way too nervous.
– Oh yeah? Why??
– Well, he’s someone I really look up to; I think I would have been afraid to disappoint him.
– Disappoint him? Well, with only cold and stomach flu diagnoses…

Original post in french here


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